Carbon Steel Big Bed Progressive Stampings for the Truck Industry

Carbon Steel Progressive Stamped Slider Rails

Specializing in heavy ton, large bed applications, a client from the trucking industry recently contracted Ohio Valley Manufacturing to perform a series of big bed, progressive stamping services. Our facility is well-equipped with presses possessing large bed sizes that range from 250 to 4,000 tons. We carried out a variety of tool build and manufacturing operations to produce our client's custom parts.

To construct these series of stampings, we used mild to high strength, grade 80 carbon steel. Meeting ISO 9001;2008 specifications, the parts measured up to one hundred inches in length, up to seventy-two inches in width, and up to eight inches in height. The products also possessed one cavity, a 90 degree bend angle, and a gauge size greater than .150.

After manufacturing was complete, we then stacked and banded each part, delivering the products to our client's location in North America. With a reputation for providing high-quality, heavy ton and large bed stamping services, Ohio Valley Manufacturing was entrusted to manufacture a series of big bed, progressive stampings for the trucking industry. Combining an expert staff with our top-notch technology, we were able to successfully manufacture these stampings, meeting our client's unique project requirements.

Specifications for Big Bed Progressive Stampings:

Capabilities Applied/Processes:
Tool build & production on our presses ranging from 250 tons to 4000 tons with large bed sizes.
Material Thickness:
.020 to .625 possible
Product Length:
up to 100"
Product Width:
up to 72"
Product Height:
Product Weight:
various approximately 100 lbs.
Gauge Size:
greater than .150
Bend Angle:
90 degree
Number of Cavities:
Base Material:
Carbon Steel
Material Finish:
stacked & banded
Industry for Use:
Delivery Location:
North America
Standards Met:
ISO 9001:2008

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