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Keep Rolling With Ohio Valley Manufacturing

wheel blanks manufacturer There’s reinventing the wheel – often an unnecessary task – and then there’s putting your time and energy into manufacturing done right. This is the guiding principle behind all of Ohio Valley’s operations, especially our wheel blank manufacturing service. Automotive manufacturing continues to lead the way for the continued growth of American and North American manufacturing, and working on one of the most critical parts of the automobile is a task that we’re up to. With our tool and die shop and our stamping facility all in the same place, our expertise in all aspects of metal stamping allows us to meet a broad range of needs. We build, right here on-site, the tooling necessary to produce a given run of wheel blanks, and then we place that tool in a press and carry out the stamping process in our machine shop.

Just as Midwest auto manufacturing is making a huge comeback here in the U.S., facilities in Mexico and Canada are providing quality service as well. Companies across the North American continent are providing the best of their specialties, to the benefit of all. We work hand in hand with companies in places like Mexico, shipping wheel blanks to them in order to carry out the final machining of the finished wheel piece. This system has been proven to be successful for resurgent auto companies and local manufacturers alike, and is a backbone of our operations that should be in place for years to come.

Safety First at OVM

At Ohio Valley Manufacturing safety is one of our primary concerns. Anything less than completely accident-free is unacceptable to us. To accomplish this we have an extensive safety training program in place in order to protect all of our employees.

One area in which safety training is especially important is in our  heavy-gauge stamping process. Ohio Valley Manufacturing handles heavy-gauge stamping for numerous purposes including the trucking, agricultural, military and automotive industries. We have presses with up to a 4,000-ton press rating and up to a 24” press stroke. When dealing with such powerful equipment, safety training and knowledge clearly need to be top priorities.

In order to ensure that safety is a company-wide culture, we have numerous safety courses and instruction in all areas of our manufacturing. We ensure that not only is there first aid and rescue equipment on hand, but that our employees are able to use it if the need should arise. We also focus on coursework in hazard detection and communication, and proper use of respirators to keep all workers breathing easy. In addition, we run equipment safety training classes for our floor personnel, along with courses in electrical safety and CMM training. As you can see, safety is our top priority, and our employees always take the extra steps to ensure that they, and their coworkers, are not injured in the workplace.

Working at Ohio Valley Manufacturing

Some of our past blogs have probably given you an idea of “a day in the life” as part of the Ohio Valley Manufacturing family. Today’s entry is taking that idea one step further as we put out a call for someone to join the team. We’re seeking an external sales representative who will be based in the Southeastern United States – places like TN, MS, AL, SC, NC, and GA. These states are hotbeds of manufacturing, with many firms that are sourcing auto and heavy truck parts from up north – from Ohio Valley Manufacturing.

In order to provide the level of service that our customers expect and deserve, we’re expanding our sales force to include this new position. While you’ll be based in a Southern state, there will be extensive direct contact, including travel, with the home office here at Ohio Valley Manufacturing. Experience with Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers and heavy truck & trailer manufactures is a definite plus, though not required – we’re much more interested in a team player whose energy and commitment to excellence matches our own. Ohio Valley Manufacturing is a Tier 2 supplier providing heavy gauge blanking and stamping services in addition to other support services. Contact us at with your resume!

It’s All About Family At Ohio Valley Manufacturing

Jeff Fanello, Steven Fanello, Mike Fanello and John Fanello in the profile on the North Central Ohio Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame.

With the holiday season in full swing, family is on most everyone’s minds. That’s certainly true for us here at Ohio Valley Manufacturing, but then again as a family business, it tends to be the case year-round. One of our highlights of 2012 was the Mansfield News Journal’s coverage of the company. Brothers Jeff, John, and Steven are carrying the tradition of their father, Mike, and grandfather, Mick, into a third generation of success and service. The challenges and great rewards of running a business together have brought a close family even closer.

What are some of the benefits of running a family-owned business together? For starters, we’re all on the same page as far as hard work and the drive to serve our customers well, having had these values instilled from a young age. Like any business (and like any family), there are certainly disagreements and differences of opinion regarding the details. Our overall vision, however, has always and will continue to remain the same: provide top quality heavy gauge stamping services with the same respect for our extended family of customers that we have for each other. We strive to share the examples and lessons that we learned to keep the tradition strong!

Survey Says….!

Over the weekend, the 1999 movie “Office Space” re-aired on cable.  If you haven’t seen it, the movie  satirizes work life in a typical corporate setting. One of the best points that the movie makes is about corporate mission statements: how many make no sense, and seem made up by consultants to include a string of business buzzwords and hollow promises that just sound good.

That’s not the case here at Ohio Valley Manufacturing. We are a family business with a tradition of great customer service and exemplary quality.  These aren’t just words in a mission statement, but a belief among our entire team – and even more importantly, among our customers. We regularly solicit feedback from our clients, and the results of our latest customer survey are in. Great news – overall our scores for service and quality are higher than last year!

The results prove that the commitment shown by each one of our employees to improving quality and customer service is working.  Our overall rating went from ”great,” to “even better!” The top five highest scores were:

1) Most recent order on time

2) Helpful team members for both Quality and Service

3) Helpful Sales staff

4) Quick and complete service

5) Helpful team members in Quotes/Engineering and Operations

We started off talking about the comedy Office Space, but you can see that we take customer satisfaction seriously. As always, we will continue to strive to improve! You can view the full customer satisfaction survey results here.

Down Mexico Way and North to Canada – Ohio Valley Manufacturing Sales


Its summer and vacations are in full swing.  Whether it is a trip to the beach, a camping venture into the mountains, everyone is thinking of ways to get away and relax.  At Ohio Valley Manufacturing, many of our custom made products have been making their way south not only in the summer months, but also throughout the year.  Our products aren’t heading south for vacation, but get right down to business as they are implanted into our customer’s products.  Ohio Valley Manufacturing has been fortunate to have added this additional market for our products.  We now have several heavy truck customers that are located in Mexico.

This move didn’t happen overnight.  We have been expanding into the Mexican market over the past few years.  Our Mexican customer base is Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive and Heavy Truck manufacturers.  In particular, we’ve been supplying Air Springs for heavy trucks to customers in Mexico.  With our close proximity to Canada, we are planning to expand north. 

According to the U.S. State Department, the closeness of Canada with the U.S. is reflected in “the high volume of bilateral trade–the equivalent of $1.6 billion a day in goods–as well as in people-to-people contact. About 300,000 people cross between the countries every day by all modes of transport. In fields ranging from security and law enforcement to environmental protection to free trade, the two countries work closely on multiple levels from federal to local.”

Ohio Valley Manufacturing is excited about an expansion into the Canadian market.  With total America exports to Canada at almost $280 billion (from U.S. State Department and U.S. Census figures) and of that some of the top industry segments being automotive accessories, other industrial machines and engines and parts, we look forward to becoming more integrated into the export network in Canada.