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  1. Ohio Valley Manufacturing Expands in the New Year

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    As we start 2015 we’re very excited to announce that our new press is operational. Over the past year we worked on expanding our manufacturing space to better accommodate our customers’ needs. Our new equipment is a 3000 ton Danly press which is equipped with a knockout system, a bed size of 120” by 96”. The press also has a special place in Ohio Valley Manufacturing’s history as this was the same press our grandfather, Mick Fanello purchased while running his own blanking and stamping company. The press helped him grow his business and we’re excited for it to help us grow Ohio Valley Manufacturing.

    The new expansion will allow us to blank and form on this press greater than .500 material and will give Ohio Valley Manufacturing two presses that have this capability under one roof. The new press also provides a back up to our 4000 ton press which we didn’t previously have a backup for. Now this will allow us to have a backup on hand for all our presses.

    In addition to our new manufacturing expansion we are also planning a new expansion to our office space to support our growing company. To learn more about our company and our new Danly press, visit our website and be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more company updates.

  2. Ohio Valley and the Agricultural Industry

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    Last time we talked a bit about the “lightweighting” trend, what it is, and how it applies to one of the primary industries we’re involved in, namely the trucking industry.  This time, we’d like to examine more specifically how the trend and our expertise therein dovetails with other more heavy duty applications of heavy gauge stamping and blanking, particularly within the agricultural industry.

    While the basic idea of lightweighting is found across multiple industries, the particular goals and factors differ slightly for the heavy duty nature and specific needs of the agricultural industry.  Generally, the maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and transportability that is achieved with lighter weight is advantageous in all applications.  The extreme example here is with racing – the design specifications, advanced materials, and other efforts to make the cars as light as possible are incredible, making complementary technology necessary (spoilers and other airflow manipulation techniques) to keep the super light cars on the track.  On the other end of the spectrum we have heavy duty, rugged equipment, such as is found in the agricultural industry.  The primary considerations here are durability, resistance to extreme weather and corrosion environments, and load-bearing capabilities, while still maintaining the lightest weight possible.  All of these particulars make using alternate materials more difficult, as only higher grades of steel have the tolerances necessary for such specifications.  For instance, the field disks found on tractors often come with strict specifications for emerging engineered steels (like these advanced high strength steels or AHSS), to be able to withstand the continuous use and corrosive conditions of the soil.  This goes for other parts of the tractor too, from wheels to drive idlers, and other parts that require high load bearing capabilities.

    At Ohio Valley, we have long been a leader in heavy gauge blanking and stamping, and we’ve recently made some pretty exciting investments to increase our capabilities in those areas.  Make sure to check back here at our blog in the future for some more information about how we’re pushing the envelope of heavy duty offerings in our industry to new heights.

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