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Customer Service – a Backbone of Business

In any business, one of the keys to success is outstanding customer service.  You can make a great product, or have all the right equipment, but if your customers don’t like dealing with you, they will probably find another way to get what they want.

Every year, we send out a survey to each of our customers asking those questions to find out how we did – a little test for ourselves to see if we’re not only meeting our customer’s needs, but doing it in a timely way, paying attention to their particular concerns, and making sure they are comfortable with our services and our representatives.  Last year, we got an 18% response rate – this is pretty average for external surveys, according to those who study such things.  This year, however, we got a 37% response rate, which is a pretty significant jump – given that most people either respond to surveys of this kind with either very good things, or very negative things (think the kind of extremes you might see on Yelp), we were curious to see what our customers thought.

With an average response of 4.46 on a 1-5 scale, we think we did pretty well – we were especially thrilled to see numbers like 4.6 in response to questions of order timeliness, correctness and compliance, and helpful service.  We think it speaks volumes that our customers would rate us so highly on these things – we think it’s why we’ve been able to establish lasting relationships, and conduct such successful business in the heavy gauge stamping industry.  This is particularly energizing in view of a new year ahead, and some exciting prospects for our business coming in 2014 – check back here on our blog for more updates!

For our customers – thanks for your participation and for choosing Ohio Valley Manufacturing – we will continue to put you first, and structure our business around serving you better.  Keep up with us here on the blog and on social media – we’d love to hear more from you!