Heavy gauge metal stamping is a process used to shape and form thick sheets into specific designs or components. It utilizes a stamping press that applies high pressure to the workpiece, forcing it to take on the desired shape. This process is commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and power equipment industries to create sturdy parts like brackets, panels, and frames.

Ohio Valley Manufacturing stands out in the field of heavy gauge stamping for outdoor power equipment like lawn mowers and snow blowers. We achieve excellent results by employing cutting-edge machinery and a highly knowledgeable workforce.

Stamped Components for Lawn Mowers and Snow Blowers

The following parts undergo meticulous design and manufacturing processes to precisely meet the unique demands of outdoor power applications:

Cutting Blades

Cutting blades are typically made through the stamping process, which involves cutting, shaping, and forming metal sheets into the precise blade profiles. These are critical for efficient grass cutting or snow removal. The quality and durability of these stamped blades are essential, as they directly impact the equipment’s ability to maintain lawns or clear driveways effectively.


Wheels are crucial components for their role in facilitating movement and maneuverability. They are often equipped with tires for traction, and their size and design influence how the machine navigates various terrains and surfaces.


Augers are helical or spiral-shaped devices typically found in snow blowers. They collect and lift snow from the ground into the machine using their central shaft. The rotating augers break down the ice and propel it down the discharge chute, where it is discharged. In some two-stage snow blowers, the collected snow is passed on to the impellers.


Resembling fan blades, impellers generate a powerful airstream that propels broken-down snow through the discharge chute. This action allows the machine to efficiently expel the collected material from the cleared area, such as onto a snowbank. Impellers are designed with curved blades to optimize their ability to move air and snow effectively.

Chute Controls

Chute controls enable users to adjust the direction in which snow or grass clippings are expelled from the machine. In snow blowers and lawn mowers, these parts allow the operator to modify the angle and direction of the discharge chute. This permits the precise placement of debris or snow based on the intended clearing area.

Drive Mechanisms

Drive mechanisms transmit power from the engine to the equipment’s wheels or other moving components. They control the wheels’ motion in lawn mowers, determining the machine’s speed and direction. Meanwhile, they engage the augers and impellers in snow blowers, allowing them to rotate and perform snow-clearing functions.

Mower Decks

Mower decks are integral components in both riding lawn mowers and various push mower models. They serve as the housing or foundation where the cutting blades are housed for trimming and mowing grass. They are also typically made of strong, durable materials — stamped or fabricated metal — designed to withstand the rigors of mowing.

Metals Used in Heavy Gauge Stamping

Selecting the appropriate metal for heavy gauge stamping directly influences the performance and durability of the finished part. Among the frequently utilized materials are the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

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