A key supplier of high-quality stamping, blanking, and transfer services, Ohio Valley Manufacturing was recently requested to perform a series of thin to heavy gauge blanking operations for the automotive, heavy truck, and material handling industries.

Blanking Services for the Automotive, Heavy Truck, and Material Handling Industries

Using our top-notch, large ton presses, with 4000-ton press capacity and large bed sizes, we were able to use our blanking services to manufacture products measuring up to one hundred inches in length and seventy-two inches in width, with gauge sizes ranging from .020 to .625.

To meet our client’s unique application requirements, we constructed their products from mild to high strength, grade 80 carbon steel. Some of the products contained one cavity, while others possessed multiple cavities. We also performed secondary hand transfer forming and welding operations to complete the manufacturing of our client’s products.

Providing ISO 9001:2015 compliant blanking services, we were able to use our large ton presses to create products that meet the needs of multiple industries, including heavy truck, trailer, and lawn and garden. We also provided delivery of all custom built products to our client’s North American location.

Specifications for Thin to Heavy Gauge Blanking

Capabilities Applied/Processes Thin to heavy gauge material. Large ton presses up to 4000 tons, with large bed sizes.
Material Thickness .020 to .625
Product Length 100"
Product Width 72"
Product Height Material Thickness
Product Weight Various
Gauge Size .020 to .625
Bend Angle Various
Number of Cavities Single or multiple
Material Finish Non-exposed
Packaging Customer specified
Secondary Operations Applied Hand transfer forming and/or welding
Industry for Use Automotive, heavy truck, trailer, tank heads, outdoor power equipment, lawn & garden, material handling equipment.
Volume low to high
Delivery Location North America
Standards Met ISO 9001: 2015