A Fully Integrated ERP, MRP, & Production Workflow Software Package

PraxisOhio Valley developed and implemented Praxis, a fully integrated ERP, MRP, and production workflow software package. Praxis was completely designed by our team in-house and utilizes an original product tracking structure for cradle-to-grave traceability. Praxis provides real-time visibility for shipping, receiving, inventory, production, scheduling, purchasing, accounting, quality control, and human resources. This system also features several core applications, such as AQP reporting, die reviews, maintenance schedules, and EDI processing.

Because Praxis was designed internally, it allows for an unlimited amount of customizable options to accommodate any customer requirement, such as barcode labels, or shipment notifications via ASN, text, or email messages.

With complete developmental control over our applications and reporting, coupled with all key components of the manufacturing process stemming from one centralized database, Praxis has given Ohio Valley Manufacturing a distinct advantage over our competition. To learn more, contact Ohio Valley Manufacturing today.