Tool and die (also called tooling) are specialized machinery and equipment used to create products, particularly metal parts and components. Within the agriculture sector, these pieces of equipment are vital in fabricating various farming implements like plows, harrows, planters, and harvesters. Tooling’s precision in processing materials ensures the accurate construction of equipment according to specific requirements.

Ohio Valley Manufacturing is an expert in crafting precise designs, catering specifically to machines with a maximum 4000-ton press rating! Our capabilities include providing long movement indexing for progressive die stations, which ensures enhanced efficiency and versatility. We are also experienced in developing multiple styles of dies.

Types of Agricultural Machinery With Precision Tool and Die

Agriculture relies on a wide range of machinery, and precision tooling applications are important in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of these equipment. Some of the key machinery that benefit from these include:


Combine harvesters stand out as vital tools for modern agriculture. They are responsible for cutting, threshing, separating, and collecting grain, making them indispensable during picking. Precision tooling is instrumental in their manufacturing process, facilitating seamless harvesting operations.

Planters and Seeders

Planters and seeders are designed to ensure optimal seed distribution, seed-to-soil contact, and consistent planting depth for precise placement. Precision tools and dies are used to manufacture crucial components like seed meters and discs. These promote uniform crop emergence and ultimately influence overall crop yield and quality.


Agricultural sprayers apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to crops. Tooling is employed in fabricating equipment parts like nozzles, boom sections, and spray bars. Accurate shaping and cutting of these components also ensure consistent patterns, enabling the targeted application of chemicals. This boosts crop health while reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of hazardous products.

Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation equipment relies on precision tooling designs for efficient water distribution. Parts and components like drip irrigation emitters, sprinkler heads, and valves are manufactured with attention to detail. Detailed shaping guarantees effective irrigation, optimizing water usage, and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Livestock Equipment

From livestock feeding systems to milking machines, accurate fabrication of agricultural devices enhances animal welfare and increases milk production. Tooling is also used in designing and creating housing components — such as gates, panels, and pens — providing a conducive environment for animals. This improves the overall livestock management efficiency.


Tractors benefit from precision tooling and are considered the workhorses of the agricultural field. Their transmission systems require the processing of gears, shafts, and other parts to ensure optimal power transfer from the engine to the wheels.

Tillage Equipment

Precision tooling is paramount in crafting components for tillage equipment, encompassing essential devices such as plows, harrows, and cultivators. They are utilized in soil preparation and ensure the proper formation of seedbeds and efficient weed control. Furthermore, manufacturers employ tooling techniques to produce top-quality replacement parts, elevating the efficiency of tillage equipment.

Post-Harvest Equipment

After the harvest, precision tooling continues to be indispensable in producing post-harvest equipment, such as grain elevators, conveyors, and storage bins. These machines facilitate the efficient handling, storage, and transport of harvested crops, maintaining their quality and market value.

Other agricultural applications of precision tool and die include the following:

Greenhouse equipment parts

  • Agricultural packaging machinery
  • Silage and hay-making equipment
  • Soil testing and analysis tools
  • Automated agricultural sorting and grading systems
  • Dairy processing machinery parts

Partner With Ohio Valley Manufacturing for Precision Tool and Die Solutions

At Ohio Valley Manufacturing, we manage all aspects of the tooling manufacturing process with the utmost dedication and expertise! This includes the initial stages of CAD modeling and design to the final steps of prototyping, testing, and inspection. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that each part meets the highest quality standards and adheres to specific requirements.

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