The primary goal of Ohio Valley Manufacturing is to provide our customers with products and services that consistently meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.

Ohio Valley’s employees and management team are committed to quality and we are certified and registered to the international standard of ISO 9001:2015.

Sequence & Interaction of Processes


The Quality Manager, leading a cross-functional team, has developed the Ohio Valley Manufacturing Quality Management System. In their work, they considered the sequence and interaction of processes within the quality management system from review of customer requirements through purchasing; through production and delivery (including control of measuring and monitoring activities and control of the devices used); and through improvement of the QMS through management review, internal audits, continuous improvement activities, and corrective and preventive action.

The creation and control of quality documents and records to prove compliance to ISO 9001: Latest Revision and internal requirements was considered throughout the process.

The competence, awareness, and training of all Ohio Valley Manufacturing employees are central to the accomplishment of the corporate goals and objectives. All QMS activities are designed to enhance and guarantee customer satisfaction with Ohio Valley Manufacturing products. Each employee has the freedom and responsibility to request policy changes that can improve our quality management system.

Ohio Valley’s Quality Department

  • Quality Auditors (inspectors) perform first piece, in-process and last piece inspections on all customer product by using check fixtures or measuring instruments to verify conformance to customer requirements. They also perform gage calibrations to ensure measuring instruments are calibrated to the specified standard.
  • CMM Technician programs and operates the coordinate measuring machine. The CMM does reverse engineering, gage, part, die detail and check fixture certifications. Our CMM has a measuring range of 38” x 38” x 52”.
  • Quality Technician generates PPAP and inspection documents using our AutoDCP software. He is also responsible for our customer specific Job Procedure Manuals and maintaining our MSDS documents.
  • Quality Supervisor provides support and guidance to quality auditors on all shifts. He also keeps the Plant, Operations and Quality Manager informed of internal and customer issues. He is also in contact with the steel mills and processors concerning any material issues and disposition of material in a timely manner.
  • Quality Assurance Manager provides support and leadership to our entire quality department. He is also heavily involved with our customer concerns, corrective and preventive actions, internal and third-party audits, quarterly management review and continuous improvement. Ohio Valley’s President has appointed the Q.A. Manager as the Management Representative to ensure the processes of the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained.

Customer Surveys
(1 = strongly disagree & 5 = strongly agree)

Clear & Complete Quotes 4.6
Competitively Priced 4.4
Provided on time 4.4
Most recent order from OVM was on time 4.7
Correct in accordance with requirements 4.8
Quality of OVM’s product 4.6
Quick and complete service 4.8
OVM Team Member’s Helpful – Operations 4.8
OVM Team Member’s Helpful – Service 5.0
OVM Team Member’s Helpful – Sales 4.8
OVM Team Member’s Helpful – Quotes/Eng. 4.7
OVM Team Member’s Helpful – Quality 4.7
OVM Team Member’s Helpful – Accounting 4.7
Product superior to the industry standard 4.4