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Robotics: Built to Work

Americans young and old have grown up with some idea about what robots are and what they can do. Many older Americans may remember “Hal” from “2001: A Space Odyssey” or the “Robot” from the classic TV show “Lost in Space”. Younger generations have fallen in love with the more sleek and loveable “Wall E” from the animated film by the same name. At Ohio Valley Manufacturing, not only do we love robots, but we are utilizing their programmed skill and precision to provide our customers with consistent speed, stability and reliability.

Over the past few years, we have been handling all Robotic Welding in-house. This robotic work includes the design and building, as well as checking fixtures and production.

In the upcoming 10 to 12 months, we will be adding robots onto our press line to stack parts. These robots are designed to stack parts (pick and place) from the production press. This provides our valuable and skilled workers additional safety measures in the pressing process. In addition, it also reduces costs to our customers. With robotics in place, Ohio Valley Manufacturing has the advantage of being equipped to handle high-volume automation.

We can proudly say that not only are our robotics American-made, but they are Ohioans as well. All of Ohio Valley Manufacturing’s Material-Handling Robots are built by our staff here in Mansfield, Ohio. The roll-out of our new Stacking Robots is all designed and built by our in-house engineers and employees.

The addition of robotics to our processes is to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions. With regard to robotic welding, we offer precision welding for the following industry segments: On & Off-Highway Truck Parts, Material Handling Equipment, Trailer Parts, Outdoor Power Equipment, Agricultural, Automotive, and Petrochemical. All of our products are done at industry standards such as ISO 9001 – 2008 and are TS Compliant.