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  1. Increase in Truck and Trailer Manufacturing

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    We’ve been seeing a lot of good news in the trucking industry recently. Not only has the US manufacturing sector have been seeing stronger and stronger rates, but we’ve also seen an increase in Class 8 tractor sales. According to data from Wards Auto, the first quarter of 2015 was the best for Class 8 tractor sales in nine years.

    As more and more companies are manufacturing tractors there is also a rise in trailer manufacturing. ACT Research found that trailer manufactures will ship approximately 303,000 trailers this year, an increase of 12% from last year. There are several factors impacting the increase of trailer manufacturing, including pent-up demand from the Great Recession and the overall improved economy, which has increasing freight volumes.

    At Ohio Valley Manufacturing we have been experiencing this growth firsthand. We have been busy quoting and starting on new work and have our facility running six days a week to keep up with production. We’re happy with the first half of the year and we aren’t currently anticipating a slowdown in the second half.

    To find out how Ohio Valley Manufacturing and how we can help with your trailer manufacturing needs, visit our website. We also post more trucking industry news on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

  2. The Trucking Industry Invests in New Fleets

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    Trucking operators are expecting a busy year and truck manufacturers are responding to the increase in demand. According to The Journal of Commerce, trucking executives are planning to invest in new truck models this year. This increased investment is tied to the improving economy as executives are placing orders on new trucks to either replace older vehicles or to expand their capacity. The article goes on to say, “Net Class 8 truck orders broke higher than 40,000 units in October and November and totaled more than 360,000 in the 13 months through last November, according to FTR Associates, which called the near-record surge in heavy truck orders ‘phenomenal.’”

    At Ohio Valley Manufacturing we can attest to this increase in orders as we have seen companies being placing orders to increase their fleets. We’re at a point where the age of truck fleets are older than it has ever been before and now with the upswing in economic activity there is a strong demand in the trailer and truck industry to replace the older trucks.

    We expect to see strong activity in this industry through the first half of the year and our facility is prepared to meet the needs of trucking manufacturers. Our heavy gauge stamping services are ideal for the trucking and trailer industries and we feature presses with up to a 4,000-ton press rating. We can work with carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel to create a range of stamping products such as circle blanks and surface mount pins. To learn more about our services, visit our website. We also post more trucking industry news on our Twitter and LinkedIn.

  3. Fuel Efficiency in the Trucking Industry

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    At Ohio Valley Manufacturing we’ve been paying close attention to the trucking industry and there are several new announcements, including the president calling for fuel efficiency improvements. Obama has ordered the EPA to draft new regulations by March 2015 and implemented a year later. The goal of the new fuel standards is to limit greenhouse gas pollution, fuel costs, and oil imports.

    This announcement coincided with two new efficient trucks being unveiled. Walmart recently debut its concept truck that it hopes will help it reach its sustainability goals. Additionally, Cummins-Peterbilt announced that its SuperTruck has achieved 10.7 mpg under real-world driving conditions.

    At Ohio Valley Manufacturing we think fuel efficiency and sustainability are a good way to go and we’re fully prepared to help the trucking industry reach fuel efficiency goals. We’ve talked before about the lightweighting trend, which uses lighter gauge material and higher grade to make it stronger. To produce these parts, heavy equipment is required which we can accommodate with our 4,000 ton press and our 1,800 ton press which allows us to handle the manufacturing of type of equipment.

    To learn more about our capabilities, visit our website and to stay up-to-date on industry news follow us on Twitter.

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