The news is full of innovations in electric vehicle technology. Most of the new technology that is reported on is about the car industry. But truck manufacturers have been working on electric vehicles that can meet the challenging requirements of cargo transportation and delivery.

Working toward this goal, the world’s largest truck manufacturer has been working on the first fully electric truck for commercial use. With the unveiling of the new Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck, Daimler Trucks has developed an emission free truck that has capabilities to deliver heavier cargo loads.

Development of a truck that can carry heavier loads without greenhouse gas emissions is a huge boom for the industry and the environment. As cities across the globe aim to reduce pollution and ease climate change, restrictions on combustion engines are on the horizon. Electric trucks that can meet these new restrictions are greatly needed.

The Urban eTruck features a pack of three lithium ion battery modules enabling the truck to travel 200 km without recharging. This travel range is sufficient for typical urban deliveries. The company has future plans for developing electric drivetrains that have automated and connected driving systems with the commercial launch of a heavy-duty eTruck in 5 years or so.

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