This spring, factories are seeing a modest increase in orders as we slowly bounce back from the multi-year recession that has plagued the US economy.

New reports show that demand for US exports is beginning to recover as the value of the US dollar has stabilized and international markets are starting to grow.

Though the numbers are low, with a 0.2 percent order growth overall, and 0.9 percent increase in durable goods, it is promising that the numbers are still moving up. Another indicator of economic growth, job creation, shows further growth trends. 211,000 new jobs were added in April, which is a major boom for the economy.

But what does all of this mean for manufacturers? It means they better boost their capabilities to keep up with rising demand.

For companies that have struggled the past few years and had to cut back on resources as a result, making room for increased production can be a major hurdle. With limited and aging capital equipment, and fewer employees available to run them, it’s understandable for there to be growing pains.

For this reason, manufacturers should build partnerships with other industrial companies that can pick up some of the slack when need be.

It may not be feasible for manufacturers to take on new trainees when demand continues to shift back and forth. But working with the right supplier can mean the difference between turning away potential customers, and being able to fill new orders.

One benefit of working with Ohio Valley Manufacturing is that we offer plant assist services to customers who need extra help fulfilling orders. We’ve provided temporary production of metal blanks and formed stampings to accommodate overflow at our customers’ facilities.

We can run low or high volume jobs depending on what our customers need. This is a critical benefit in the event of an equipment breakdown at a customer plant. Rather than lose sales during this downtime, we can continue to get orders filled through our plant assist capabilities.

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