There’s reinventing the wheel – often an unnecessary task – and then there’s putting your time and energy into manufacturing done right. This is the guiding principle behind all of Ohio Valley’s operations, especially our wheel blank manufacturing service. Automotive manufacturing continues to lead the way for the continued growth of American and North American manufacturing, and working on one of the most critical parts of the automobile is a task that we’re up to. With our tool and die shop and our stamping facility all in the same place, our expertise in all aspects of metal stamping allows us to meet a broad range of needs. We build, right here on-site, the tooling necessary to produce a given run of wheel blanks, and then we place that tool in a press and carry out the stamping process in our machine shop.

Just as Midwest auto manufacturing is making a huge comeback here in the U.S., facilities in Mexico and Canada are providing quality service as well. Companies across the North American continent are providing the best of their specialties, to the benefit of all. We work hand in hand with companies in places like Mexico, shipping wheel blanks to them in order to carry out the final machining of the finished wheel piece. This system has been proven to be successful for resurgent auto companies and local manufacturers alike, and is a backbone of our operations that should be in place for years to come.