Last year we posted a blog about the trend of lightweighting in vehicle manufacturing and now it seems lightweighting is being adopted by more automakers as the government’s goal of increased fuel efficiency draws closer. According to a recent article, the government wants do double the average fuel economy to 45 mpg by 2025 and in an effort to meet those goals carmakers are looking for lightweight materials.

Earlier this year, Ford unveiled an aluminum body F-150 truck that weighed 700 pounds less than the steel bodied version and in June the company revealed its lighter Ford Fusion concept vehicle that weighs 800 pounds less.

Although currently the materials are too expensive for mass production these vehicles mark a notable trend and we’ll continue to watch it closely for our customers in the automotive and trucking industry. Our heavy gauge stamping presses are prepared for these changes in the automotive sector as we are well versed in working with aluminum and our presses can work with materials ranging from .020 inches to 5/8 inches in thickness. To learn more about our heavy gauge stamping services, visit our website and to stay updated on automotive and trucking news, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.