Metal Stamping

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Heavy Gauge Stamping

Metal stamping processes facilitate the creation of a variety of customized components from metal sheets or bars. Machinery-driven dies cut and press materials into the desired shape quickly and efficiently, making the process ideal for high volume production runs. With the proper setup, multiple steps can be performed on each component. With metal stamping machinery, materials can be pressed, punched, coined, embossed, bent, blanked, pierced, and notched to meet a broad range of design specifications.

A variety of metals work well in stamping processes. Stainless steel, aluminum, and hot-rolled carbon steel are all commonly used to produce stamped components.

Carbon Steel Stamping

Carbon steel is a highly malleable alloy revered for its strength. Typically, carbon steel contains between 0.8% and 2.11% carbon content. Higher carbon contents create a harder final alloy. However, these harder materials are more brittle and easily break under the repetitive stress of metal stamping and other machining processes. The average carbon steel used in metal stamping contains roughly 1.5% carbon composition. Some alloys may also include trace amounts of chromium, cobalt, nickel, and other metals to customize the metal for a particular purpose.

There are a number of advantages to using carbon steel for metal stamping:

  • Carbon is a cost-effective option for hardening steel.
  • High-carbon steel is an excellent option for manufacturing efficient and reliable cutting tools.
  • Manufacturing tools made with high-carbon steel ease the mechanical manipulation of other production materials.

These metals are frequently used to produce drill bits, woodcutting tools, masonry nails, saws, and other sharp-ended tools in high volumes.

Aluminum Stamping

Aluminum is one of the most abundant naturally occurring metals on the planet. Using aluminum in low-volume metal stamping offers some important advantages for many manufacturers:

  • Lightweight aluminum alloys support the production of high-speed aircraft, trains, and passenger vehicles.
  • Aluminum materials support sustainability efforts by lowering the amount of energy needed to produce and transport parts.
  • Due to its versatility, popularity, and abundance, aluminum is readily available in any amount.

Aluminum stamping also works well in high-volume metal stamping production for items such as beverage cans, hand tools, and flatware.

Metal Stamping at Ohio Valley Manufacturing

Ohio Valley Manufacturing provides metal stamping for businesses in a diverse range of industries, such as military/defense, agriculture, and automotive. Our 4000-ton presses deliver up to 24 inches of maximum stroke, and beds measuring 312-by-72 inches accommodate materials between 0.02-0.625 inches in thickness, which means we possess the capability to fabricate an expansive variety of parts and components. Our other capabilities include:

  • Bulk production
  • Custom stamping
  • Prototype production
  • Intricate components
  • High-volume orders
  • Thin and heavy gauge materials
  • Long runs
  • Mass-volume parts

Alongside our metal stamping capabilities, our other services allow us to customize metal products for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. We offer:

  • Coating
  • Heat treatment
  • Numbering
  • Threading
  • Enameling

In our work with businesses in the construction, equipment, and material handling industries, we have successfully produced parts such as:

  • Wheels
  • Side rails
  • Frame components
  • Service parts
  • Transfer stampings
  • Connectors

We also assist our clients with planning and designing to ensure they reach their goals in an efficient manner. In our production process, we use continuous strip stamping and progressive dies. This lets us perform two or more stamping processes on each die, enabling faster production without sacrificing quality.

Partner with Ohio Valley Manufacturing on your metal stamping production project for a fast, efficient, and reliable experience. Please contact us for more information.


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