With over 40 years of experience, the reliable team at Ohio Valley Manufacturing has been working hard to become established as a superior provider of first operation industrial blanking, second-hand transfers, stampings, and value-added parts.

For decades, our company has had a solid reputation for supplying high-quality products to our customers in different industries, including automobile, trucking, recreation, and home improvement. Here is a closer look at our portfolio and case studies.

Big Bed Progressive Stampings

Recently, a client from the trucking industry reached out to us to conduct a series of big bed, progressive stamping services. Our facility is fully equipped with presses that feature large bed sizes between 250 and 4,000 tons, giving us the capability to produce this client’s custom parts.

We constructed these stampings using grade 80 carbon steel with mild to high strength. We met ISO 9001:2015 during this project, and the part dimensions measured up to 100’’ in length, up to 72’’ in width, and up to 8’’ in height. They also featured a gauge size larger than .150, a 90-degree bend angle, and one cavity. After project completion, we stacked, banded, and delivered the products. With our advanced technology and expert team, we were able to successfully manufacture these stampings all while meeting the customer’s project requirements.

Thin to Heavy Gauge Blanking Services

Ohio Valley Manufacturing was asked to complete a series of thin to heavy gauge blanking operations for the heavy truck, automotive, and material handling industry. Our advanced large-ton presses gave us the capabilities to manufacture products with gauge sizes between .020 and .625 with dimensions measuring up to 100’’ in length and 72’’ in width.

To meet this project’s needs, we constructed the products using grade 80 carbon steel with mild to high strength. While some final products featured multiple cavities, others only contained one. Additionally, we conducted secondary hand transfer forming and welding processes to complete the project.

Custom Manufactured Steel Circle Blanks

Our team of experts was asked to conduct circle blanking services to produce packaged circles of various thicknesses and sizes. These products are ideal for a range of industries, including tank heads, lawn & garden, material handling equipment, automotive, heavy truck, trailer, and transportation.

To complete this circle blanking order, we created our own specialty tooling. We were able to machine a line of grade 80 carbon steel circles, ranging from mild strength to high strength. The finished products had thicknesses between .020’’ and .625’’ with varying widths up to 72’’ and lengths up to 100’’. We also have the option for multiple cavity blanking.

Multi-Cavity Tooling & Production

A client recently placed an order requiring multiple part stampings, with strict budgetary limitations that needed to be considered. Our advanced equipment and expertise enabled us to complete this project while meeting all requirements. Our multi-cavity tooling and production process nests different parts into a single multi-cavity tool. This allows various stamping operations to take place at higher efficiency, resulting in increased savings that we pass on to our customers.

We can work with all types of carbon steel, including mild and high-strength variations. Because of this, we were fully prepared to meet this client’s requirements as well as a wide range of other projects. To finish this project, we performed in-house welding and forming processes.

Partner With The Experts At Ohio Valley Manufacturing

Ohio Valley Manufacturing understands that each customer is unique, and our capabilities allow us to meet each client’s need with optimal efficiency. Through our impressive capacity, Ohio Valley Manufacturing stamps out the competition, providing quality heavy gauge stamping and precision blanking services for a range of industries. For more information about our services, contact us today.