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  1. Welding: MIG Versus TIG

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    Welding is a core component of metal fabrication. It is the process of joining metals using a fusion process where the base metals are melted together using a filler material to form them joint. This is a high-temperature process and can be performed by hand or through robotic welders.

    Two commonly used welding methods are known as TIG and MIG. The final outcome for both joins metals together but the processes and material are different and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. In this post we will look at each method’s pros and cons.

    TIG welding or Tungsten inert gas process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to make the weld. TIG comes from Tungsten, Inert Gas and the weld area is shielded from atmospheric contamination by a gas such as argon or helium. TIG welding requires the welding rod to be slowly fed into the weld puddle.

    MIG welding or metal inert gas uses a gun to continuously feed the welding wire into the joint to burn, melt, and fuse the pieces together. Atmospheric contamination is prevented by flowing an argon-based shielding gas or an argon-carbon dioxide mix over the weld puddle.

    Let’s compare the two methods:

    Cleaner, less fumes and sparks More sparks and fumes
    Less contamination, higher precision
    Good for thin material, can be used with no filler Welds a wide range of material
    Longer setup, not user-friendly Less setup, easier and more forgiving welds
    Welds cost more and take longer More accessible equipment reduced costs
    More complex and requires more skill Easier to learn and makes quicker welds
    Can weld many different types of metals Most often used with carbon steel, stainless, aum

    At Ohio Valley we provide in-house welding services that cover all projects from design and building to checking fixtures and production. Using material handling robots enables us to offer a cost effective solution and we are equipped to handle high-volume automation.

    Contact us today to learn about Ohio Valley’s robotic welding service and TIG vs MIG welding operations.

  2. Ohio Valley Manufacturing’s Robotic Welding Services

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    At Ohio Valley Manufacturing we started with a focus on heavy gauge stamping and have grown over the years to offer our customers an array of services, including our robotic welding services. Our services include everything from the design and building to checking fixtures and productions. By using a robot to automate the welding process we are able to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and offer our customers a cost-effective welding solution.

    We use a free hand robotic welder that is equipped to handle high-volume automation and is ideal for manufacturing on- and off-highway truck parts, trailer parts, outdoor power equipment, material handling equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive parts, and petrochemical equipment.

    We are equipped to handle MIG (Metal Inert Gas), Projection, Resistance, FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding), and Spot welding and can create parts from a variety of materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and more.

    To find out more about our robotic welding services and to view examples of our work, visit our website. We also post more industry news and company updates on Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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