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  1. Ohio Valley Manufacturing Announces Facility Expansion

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    The Ohio Valley Manufacturing team is excited to announce that we are expanding our corporate sector to better accommodate and serve our growing customer base. In addition to improving our overall capabilities, the upcoming expansion will help us to produce, store, and ship the increased production output.

    Equipment Additions

    Our 30,000 square foot expansion, which significantly increases our press capacity and coil storage space, will include the addition of a new piece of equipment and production system, including:

    • A 1500 ton banking press with a 132 x 84 inch bed size
    • A 19-roll leveling feed line capable of blanking .250 gauge x 62 inch wide material

    Working with Our Team

    Specializing in heavy gauge stamping and precision blanking, our team at Ohio Valley Manufacturing has focused on delivering high quality manufacturing services since 1999. Offering tool & die design and manufacturing, robotic welding, and roller leveling, our staff calls upon their decades of experience across diverse manufacturing disciplines to provide solutions to some of the toughest application challenges.

    It is this team-wide commitment to our customers that has helped us become one of the top Tier 2 suppliers in the U.S., an impressive achievement considering the industries we serve most frequently — including suspension parts, appliances, recreational vehicles and trucks, and agricultural equipment — are some of the most challenging to break into.

    These facility updates and upgrades reflect the burgeoning growth of our business, and we’re excited to take the next step forward in offering our customers world-class manufacturing services.

    To learn more about how these facility expansions and new equipment additions can directly benefit your business, contact a member of our team today.


  2. Heavy Gauges and Higher Goals

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    In our last blog, we talked a lot about innovation and progress – well, we’re here again to tell you about a few concrete examples of our commitment to improving our systems and capabilities.  Meet the two newest improvements to our medley of manufacturing equipment: a heavy duty Hammerle roller leveler, and a new feed line setup for our 1800 ton press.

    The Hammerle is a beauty and a beast all in one.  It’s a heavy gauge roller leveler (0.020 to 0.500 gauge), and it’s capable of tighter tolerances than that of a regular press line.  This machine will allow us to achieve the higher tolerances in house, which is a benefit to our customer’s schedules as well as specifications.  And it’s already in operation.

    Our next new toy is an improved Automatic feed line setup for our 1800 ton Verson press, ¼ inch by 60 inches wide.  This feed line allows us to run heavier gauges than previously possible on our 1800 ton press, and will supplement the capabilities of our 4000 ton press.

    These improvements give us several end results: an improved capability for flatness spec needs, an ability to flatten steel of higher tensile strength than we previously had capability for, and the backup presses necessary for emergency or rush orders.  We can now do heavier orders to tighter tolerances faster than we ever could before.  We’re always improving our business here, and striving to stay at the top of our game – these additions to our arsenal are just the latest manifestations of that commitment to help lead manufacturing here in Ohio to greater heights.

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