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  1. The Latest Trends in Kitchen Appliances

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    Every so often, a new development is introduced that turns the kitchen appliance industry on its head. In years past, stainless steel finishes reigned supreme. Lately, new colors and modern convenience are the main drivers behind kitchen appliance innovations. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top trends we’re seeing in this industry.

    Black Kitchen Appliances

    While stainless steel has been the go-to finish for a number of years, it’s now being replaced by black kitchen appliances. Many manufacturers have already added black options to their product ranges, so if you’re thinking about upgrading any appliances (including smaller countertop models), consider switching out the old products with a black replacement for a modern look. KitchenAid is one such brand that has added a line of black stainless steel appliances.

    Countertop Cooking Appliances

    It’s no secret that consumers are looking for added convenience, so manufacturers have taken note and created smaller, smarter appliances. If you live in an apartment or other small space, you may benefit from have flexible options like countertop ovens that show how much you can do despite the lack of square footage. The June Intelligent Oven is about the size of a toaster, but has the capabilities of a fully functioning smart oven, including a camera to monitor the food as you cook it. By telling the oven what you’re cooking, it can make all of the necessary decisions about time and temperature.

    Big Appliance Upgrades

    For every small galley kitchen in the world, there’s a massive chef’s kitchen  to compare it to. For those with big budgets and plenty of room, appliance makers such as LG and Samsung have been developing bigger connected appliances like refrigerators and ovens. These options often have cameras so you can take an accurate inventory, and connect with smartphones so you can see what’s needed while you’re at the store. It all goes back to the need for convenience and simplicity – as the technology gets more advanced, the functionality gets simpler for users.

    Overall, it seems like kitchen appliances are finally being made to fit the spaces they serve. There are many different kitchen styles and sizes, so it’s important to have a wide range of options that can fit well into each space. And being connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) so that consumers can keep track of food in the fridge or as its cooking in the oven is another important consideration for new product functionality.

    As a supplier of first operation blanking, stampings, transfer and value-added parts, many of our customers are appliance manufacturers. We look forward to working with them to develop new processes for their updated product ranges.

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