Once per year, work truck industry professionals convene at the Work Truck Show. This year’s event is March 6-9th, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN. The Show provides a great opportunity to learn about new products, attend industry trainings, and network with engineers and other representatives from companies you may be interested in working with.

The Work Truck Show allows buyers and suppliers to get together and find the right solutions for their products and projects. It is also collocated with the Fleet Technical Congress and Green Truck Summit so that participants can get the most from their experience at the event.

Helpful sessions cover a wide range of subjects that impact work truck companies and professionals. Topics covered include insurance classifications, commercial vehicle updates by major brands, building a strong manufacturing workforce, improving ROI and efficiency, and more. The sessions allow participants of all levels and functions to learn and grow within their field.

In conjunction with the Green Truck Summit, the event will also have a special focus on reducing greenhouse gases and pollution in trucking. Alternative fuels and new technologies will be presented and discussed.

With nearly 500 exhibitors at this year’s show, there’s no shortage of presentations, networking opportunities, and activities for participants. Anybody with a connection to the trucking sector can benefit from attending the event.

As a heavy gauge stamping provider that serves the work truck industry, Ohio Valley Manufacturing understands the importance of the Work Truck Show in growing this sector. To learn more about our capabilities, feel free to call us at 419-522-5818.