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Rising to the Challenge: Ohio’s Economic Recovery

As the U.S. economy slowly recovers from the Great Recession, the workforce has its eye continually on the unemployment rate, job opportunities, and trends in hiring and job opening in order to reestablish the stability lost in the past decade.  Job seekers and students of the economy alike might be impressed with the economic performance and trajectory of Northeast Ohio in these times.  According to one recent study, despite the slower predictions in the national recovery, Ohio is expected not only to recover the jobs lost in the Recession in 5 years, but potentially experience a labor shortage over the next decade or so, as a result of retirement, newly created jobs, and turnover.

Manufacturing will be right near the top of this activity, right behind the robust medical industry, with high employment projections, and turnover rates.  A portion of these manufacturing jobs will be the result of a technical workforce approaching retiring age, opening up technical jobs to a new generation of skilled employees.  Part of the burden we at OVM share with other manufacturers is attracting and creating these technically skilled workers, as we’ve blogged about before.  This period of turnover will be crucial to continued success of one of Ohio’s economic backbones, manufacturing and production.

As we continue to watch and participate in our region and our country’s recovery, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on our progress, and note with pride when Ohio helps to lead the way forward.

The Structure of Safety in American Manufacturing

American manufacturing has been a regular part of the news cycle lately for many reasons: the several proposed “manufacturing renaissances” and other similar terms that are thrown about in conjunction with the automation and high tech manufacturing, the observed re-shoring trend, immigration considerations, trade considerations, and many other reasons.  Since June was National Safety Month, we thought it might be an appropriate time to talk about one other great advantage American manufacturing has that has also been recently thrown into perspective: labor and wage safety.

In light of the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh, and the rising wages for Chinese workers, we have an opportunity to appreciate anew the virtues of the manufacturing climate in the U.S, where conditions are regulated and livable wages are secure.  While standards inspections, ISO surveillance audits and the like might be routine to the point of dull in the U.S., their necessity is often outweighed by their apparent inconvenience – but global issues like these throw us back into a proper perspective.

Safety is a critical part of the manufacturing world.  Employee health and wellness ought to be highly and proactively sought after by manufacturers, as a point of pride, and not simple necessity.  This is why we at OVM implement a robust safety training programs for our employees.   Our classes include drug training, haz-comm, personal protective equipment, confined space training, hearing conservation, electrical safety practices, and lockout/tagout procedures.  Additionally, we have further training for safe operation of all of our power presses, and a course in power industrial truck training.  This training ensures our employees’ comfort with each skilled operation they perform, which ensures that they have the knowledge and experience necessary for ISO and other quality surveillance audits.

Safety is imperative for employee wellness, and safety training ensures that each employee has both the knowledge to do the job safely, and the comfort do it efficiently – which in turn is good for the health of the business.  This cycle of safety and efficiency is the continuous upward trajectory that we at OVM are glad exists in our nation, and are committed to pursue and promote.

Trucking Trends, and a Tradition of Innovation

If you work in the trucking industry, you know about the Mid-America Trucking Show that just happened last month, and you would also know that one of the most talked about subjects at the show was fuel efficiency.  Selective catalytic reduction(SCR) has now been adopted by all the major trucking companies, and as the filling stations with the option are becoming more widespread,  more are opening up to alternative fuel options like LNG.

We think it’s great that companies are working to innovate and stay current and competitive in our changing global market, but we also think it’s worthwhile to celebrate our roots and mark our progress.  For instance, one of our customers who attended that show, Hendrickson International, just celebrated 100 years of business.  We love to see companies, and especially our customers, that relentlessly pursue quality and innovation rewarded with great milestones of longevity like this.

It’s our pleasure to work alongside people who are as committed to innovation and progress as we are.  We hope to celebrate a century of business ourselves someday, and to help our customers do the same by providing them with the best work we can, in the most innovative and effective ways possible.

Keeping It In-House: Ohio Valley Manufacturing’s Tool and Die Services

Tool Die Design and Manufacturing ServicesHere at Ohio Valley Manufacturing we are proud to say that we handle every step of our tool and die manufacturing in-house. We oversee the entire process, from the first computer model designed by our skilled engineers and the prototype parts, to the shipment of the finished product to our loyal customers, and all of the necessary testing and inspection that is required in-between.

We do this because quality control, and our quest for perfection, are so important to us. The engineers and employees at our fully staffed tool and die center ensure that our customers are getting the best possible product. Since we do all of the work in-house there is no chance of confusion from dealing with outsourced work and we are able to ensure that our quality products are made quickly and efficiently by our skilled manufacturing workers. In addition, we are able to cut down costs significantly, ensuring that our customers get an amazing product, at a fair price.

In the future, we will continue our commitment to making quality tools and dies for our customers. Keep an eye on our website for up to date information, and as always, feel free to contact us with any inquiries about our products.

Passing Audits: Both ISO and Our Customers Approve

Our regular readers know that we’re proud of our ISO certification and quality standards. We had some pretty big developments in those areas in June that we’d like to talk about a bit more. The first was that, surprising no one, we passed our annual ISO audit to maintain certification. While this process is not as intensive as the full re-certification, it’s not something to take lightly. Every step of every process needs to meet the organization’s standards – not a problem for Ohio Valley, where quality is an everyday part of our process.

ISO wasn’t the only group visiting our facilities for a look at our quality assurances. Manufacturing firms and suppliers often like to inspect their own suppliers’ operations to ensure that a sound and efficient system is in place. In June, we had not one, but two such new partners come to Ohio Valley Manufacturing. As with our ISO audit, meeting their standards was business as usual, welcoming them to tour and inspect each and every one of our departments to ensure that they were entering a business relationship bound for success. Learn more about Ohio Valley Manufacturing’s quality processes here: