Have you heard about Manufacturing Day? Like other causes that have a day or month to spread their message, manufacturing also has a dedicated day. Manufacturing Day is always held on the first Friday in October—this year it is October 7th.

Manufacturing Day is a nationwide celebration of modern manufacturing. It is a day for manufacturers and companies of all sizes and types to invite the community in to see how todays manufacturing industry operates. This year there are over 1,700 events planned in all parts of the country.

So, what happens on Manufacturing Day? Participating companies, in a coordinated effort, open up thier facilities to the community—students, educators, parents, neighbors—to dispel myths about manufacturing. Many people still believe that manufacturing is dirty and requires no skill. In reality, modern manufacturing consists of high-tech machinery and equipment, computers, robotics, and skilled employees to run it all. Tours, demos, job and education fairs, and community events are just some of the activities included in the manufacturing celebration.

The goal of these events is to connect with future generations, to inspire young people that a career in manufacturing is a good one, and to safeguard the ongoing prosperity of the industry. It is a day we all enjoy as we amaze both kids and adults with our production capabilities.

What we do is important and a day that helps us bring a positive manufacturing message to the public is a day worth celebrating.