ISO 9001:2008 certification. But the work doesn’t stop there — not only does the quality team guarantee that we achieve the goals we set for our self, they also continually strive to make to make the entire manufacturing process more efficient, more effective, and more flexible. 

Using this concept of “continuous process improvement,” the quality team focuses on identifying areas where increased automation can streamline operations, provide greater consistency, and allow orders to get out faster. They are continually examining all parts of the manufacturing process, from pick and place of raw materials and finished products, to stacking orders and changing out skids for shipping. Many suggestions for improvement come from the workers and technicians on the plant floor. Intimately involved with a specific part of the whole process, these employees are often able to identify many small, easy-to-implement improvements that when taken together, deliver big results.

We can say with the utmost confidence that continuous improvement is part of our core values here at Ohio Valley Manufacturing. All of our employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and are continually seeking ways to improve their own performance, which is a big contribution towards making us the success we are today.