Our regular readers certainly know the close ties between Ohio Valley Manufacturing and the automotive industry. One of our greatest assets as a heavy gauge blanking and stamping specialist is our ability to manufacture frame rails for heavy trucks and other types of vehicles. As the framework for the chassis upon which these trucks are built, unparalleled quality is a requirement for these pieces. The equipment that Ohio Valley Manufacturing uses in our everyday course of operating is especially well-suited to this type of project – more so than other companies. And with Ohio Valley Manufacturing, you know that the work will be done in-house by our team on our equipment, with our proven track record behind us.

Although many smaller cars have gone the way of an integrated frame and body, it is still more efficient and practical to build larger vehicles like heavy trucks on a chassis and frame. Everything literally rests on the design and integrity of these frame rails, which must not only be strong enough to bear thousands of pounds of additional construction, but also shipping loads and containers. Load bearing is only the beginning: frame rails must be resistant to twisting and torsion as well. Throughout all of this, the comfort of passengers and the safe transport of cargo is also a factor in creating frame rails that can withstand the bumps and potholes of thousands of miles on the road. All in all it’s a job that not everyone can do, but that Ohio Valley does better than just about anyone.