At Ohio Valley Manufacturing we’re always keeping a close eye on the trucking trends and recently the Mercedes-Benz autonomous concept truck caught our attention. The company unveiled its “Future Truck 2025” that Mercedes hopes to have ready for commercial use within the next decade. The truck uses an automated “Highway Pilot” system that allows the vehicle to maintain a steady speed and can even communicate with other vehicles, which can help the truck detect emergency vehicles or if a vehicle has stopped up ahead on the highway.

With the new autonomous driving truck, a truck driver will become a transport manager who is responsible for navigating the truck through more densely populated traffic to get on and off the highway. The driver will also be notified by a visual alert and then an alarm to take the wheel should the truck encounter an obstacle such as construction.

Although the truck features a futuristic cab design much of the truck remains the remains the same and we’ll certainly be watching the progress to see what the finished design looks like. To stay up-to-date on more trucking industry news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. To learn more about services for the trucking industry, visit our website.