At Ohio Valley Manufacturing we offer an array of services, including our tool die design and manufacturing services. What started out as a smaller side of a business in 1999 doing maintenance to tools and we have continued to grow so much that we had to expand our tool room capabilities in 2005. Now we build more tools than we did in the past, such as blank dies and simple progressive dies as well as performing engineering changes.

In addition to growing our capabilities, we also make sure that our employees grow as well. One of our employees has completed North Central State University’s Tool & Die apprenticeship program, receiving his journeymen’s card to certify him as a die maker. We also have one other employee currently enrolled in the same program.

Year to year we keep growing this department and we can currently offer our customers everything from CAD modeling and designing prototypes, testing, inspecting, and technical support. Our die types include single hit, progressive, and transfer stamping as well as coining dies, forming dies, blanking dies, and hand transfer dies.

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