Our regular readers know that we’re proud of our ISO certification and quality standards. We had some pretty big developments in those areas in June that we’d like to talk about a bit more. The first was that, surprising no one, we passed our annual ISO audit to maintain certification. While this process is not as intensive as the full re-certification, it’s not something to take lightly. Every step of every process needs to meet the organization’s standards – not a problem for Ohio Valley, where quality is an everyday part of our process.

ISO wasn’t the only group visiting our facilities for a look at our quality assurances. Manufacturing firms and suppliers often like to inspect their own suppliers’ operations to ensure that a sound and efficient system is in place. In June, we had not one, but two such new partners come to Ohio Valley Manufacturing. As with our ISO audit, meeting their standards was business as usual, welcoming them to tour and inspect each and every one of our departments to ensure that they were entering a business relationship bound for success. Learn more about Ohio Valley Manufacturing’s quality processes here: www.ohiovalleymfg.com/quality/