At Ohio Valley Manufacturing safety is one of our primary concerns. Anything less than completely accident-free is unacceptable to us. To accomplish this we have an extensive safety training program in place in order to protect all of our employees.

One area in which safety training is especially important is in our  heavy-gauge stamping process. Ohio Valley Manufacturing handles heavy-gauge stamping for numerous purposes including the trucking, agricultural, military and automotive industries. We have presses with up to a 4,000-ton press rating and up to a 24” press stroke. When dealing with such powerful equipment, safety training and knowledge clearly need to be top priorities.

In order to ensure that safety is a company-wide culture, we have numerous safety courses and instruction in all areas of our manufacturing. We ensure that not only is there first aid and rescue equipment on hand, but that our employees are able to use it if the need should arise. We also focus on coursework in hazard detection and communication, and proper use of respirators to keep all workers breathing easy. In addition, we run equipment safety training classes for our floor personnel, along with courses in electrical safety and CMM training. As you can see, safety is our top priority, and our employees always take the extra steps to ensure that they, and their coworkers, are not injured in the workplace.