Over the weekend, the 1999 movie “Office Space” re-aired on cable.  If you haven’t seen it, the movie  satirizes work life in a typical corporate setting. One of the best points that the movie makes is about corporate mission statements: how many make no sense, and seem made up by consultants to include a string of business buzzwords and hollow promises that just sound good.

That’s not the case here at Ohio Valley Manufacturing. We are a family business with a tradition of great customer service and exemplary quality.  These aren’t just words in a mission statement, but a belief among our entire team – and even more importantly, among our customers. We regularly solicit feedback from our clients, and the results of our latest customer survey are in. Great news – overall our scores for service and quality are higher than last year!

The results prove that the commitment shown by each one of our employees to improving quality and customer service is working.  Our overall rating went from ”great,” to “even better!” The top five highest scores were:

1) Most recent order on time

2) Helpful team members for both Quality and Service

3) Helpful Sales staff

4) Quick and complete service

5) Helpful team members in Quotes/Engineering and Operations

We started off talking about the comedy Office Space, but you can see that we take customer satisfaction seriously. As always, we will continue to strive to improve! You can view the full customer satisfaction survey results here.