American manufacturing has been a regular part of the news cycle lately for many reasons: the several proposed “manufacturing renaissances” and other similar terms that are thrown about in conjunction with the automation and high tech manufacturing, the observed re-shoring trend, immigration considerations, trade considerations, and many other reasons.  Since June was National Safety Month, we thought it might be an appropriate time to talk about one other great advantage American manufacturing has that has also been recently thrown into perspective: labor and wage safety.

In light of the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh, and the rising wages for Chinese workers, we have an opportunity to appreciate anew the virtues of the manufacturing climate in the U.S, where conditions are regulated and livable wages are secure.  While standards inspections, ISO surveillance audits and the like might be routine to the point of dull in the U.S., their necessity is often outweighed by their apparent inconvenience – but global issues like these throw us back into a proper perspective.

Safety is a critical part of the manufacturing world.  Employee health and wellness ought to be highly and proactively sought after by manufacturers, as a point of pride, and not simple necessity.  This is why we at OVM implement a robust safety training programs for our employees.   Our classes include drug training, haz-comm, personal protective equipment, confined space training, hearing conservation, electrical safety practices, and lockout/tagout procedures.  Additionally, we have further training for safe operation of all of our power presses, and a course in power industrial truck training.  This training ensures our employees’ comfort with each skilled operation they perform, which ensures that they have the knowledge and experience necessary for ISO and other quality surveillance audits.

Safety is imperative for employee wellness, and safety training ensures that each employee has both the knowledge to do the job safely, and the comfort do it efficiently – which in turn is good for the health of the business.  This cycle of safety and efficiency is the continuous upward trajectory that we at OVM are glad exists in our nation, and are committed to pursue and promote.