If you work in the trucking industry, you know about the Mid-America Trucking Show that just happened last month, and you would also know that one of the most talked about subjects at the show was fuel efficiency.  Selective catalytic reduction(SCR) has now been adopted by all the major trucking companies, and as the filling stations with the option are becoming more widespread,  more are opening up to alternative fuel options like LNG.

We think it’s great that companies are working to innovate and stay current and competitive in our changing global market, but we also think it’s worthwhile to celebrate our roots and mark our progress.  For instance, one of our customers who attended that show, Hendrickson International, just celebrated 100 years of business.  We love to see companies, and especially our customers, that relentlessly pursue quality and innovation rewarded with great milestones of longevity like this.

It’s our pleasure to work alongside people who are as committed to innovation and progress as we are.  We hope to celebrate a century of business ourselves someday, and to help our customers do the same by providing them with the best work we can, in the most innovative and effective ways possible.