The Lawn Mower and Snow Blower Manufacturing Trade-Off

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With the first snowfalls of the season beginning to occur, snow blowers have taken over where lawn mowers left off. But while snow blowers are now hitting store shelves and coming out of the garage, their manufacturers have turned their focus back to lawn mowers. During the fall and winter, when consumers are focused on […]

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Toolmaker Job Opening at Ohio Valley Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry is often in the news. Politicians have many opinions to the health of the industry and where it is, or should be, headed. While we can’t predict the future, we can realize the present. Today, we see an expanding customer base, additional work, and the need for more employees. Our recent expansion […]

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Will You Join US on Oct. 7th to Celebrate Manufacturing Day?

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Have you heard about Manufacturing Day? Like other causes that have a day or month to spread their message, manufacturing also has a dedicated day. Manufacturing Day is always held on the first Friday in October—this year it is October 7th. Manufacturing Day is a nationwide celebration of modern manufacturing. It is a day for […]

Clearing the Air with Electric Trucks

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The news is full of innovations in electric vehicle technology. Most of the new technology that is reported on is about the car industry. But truck manufacturers have been working on electric vehicles that can meet the challenging requirements of cargo transportation and delivery. Working toward this goal, the world’s largest truck manufacturer has been […]

How Automation Makes Ohio Valley a Leader

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Since the industrial revolution manufacturers have been finding ways to improve their operations. Take, for example, the assembly line. It was an innovative process to work smarter. It is the same for automation—working smarter allows a manufacturer to offer more to their customers. More automation is entering the market making it easier for companies of […]

Automation and Computerized Technology Allow Ohio Valley to be Leaders in the Industry

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The manufacturing industry has taken a beating over the last few decades. The industry of our fathers or grandfathers has changed dramatically since the 1960s when almost everything we bought was made in this country. As manufacturing began to shift overseas, the American manufacturing industry couldn’t compete. Goods produced overseas with cheaper labor and reduced […]

In Honor of Earth Day Ohio Valley Manufacturing Reveals Their Green Qualities

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Earth Day is celebrated every year but do you know all that much about it? The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970 and brought people together for a peaceful demonstration for environmental protection and reform. It has grown into a global environmental movement that has led to groundbreaking environmental laws and awareness. […]

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Welding: MIG Versus TIG

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Welding is a core component of metal fabrication. It is the process of joining metals using a fusion process where the base metals are melted together using a filler material to form them joint. This is a high-temperature process and can be performed by hand or through robotic welders. Two commonly used welding methods are […]

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